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Really don't understand by your description..but here's how it goes together. The cable is inserted into the top cap of the carburetor. Second the spring goes on. Third set the needle into the barrel followed by the split washer. Align the washer (split end) up with the long slot in the barrel so that you can install the cable in the holder on the bottom of the barrel, and align up in the long slot to the top. Look into the carburetor from there the barrel slides into, and you will see a pin sticking out. The slot where the cable is, aligns up with that pin. The wide cut away at the bottom aligns up with the idle screw. After that, if it doesn't work the way it should, remove the throttle at the handle bars, remove the cable from the grip, and pull to see if the cable and barrel works ok, it might be a crimp in the cable, or too tight of a bend somewhere. If the carburetor is installed correctly it might be in how the cable is run in the throttle grip.

The spring forces the split washer down on top of the needle/clip, so the needle will remain stationary. When inserting the barrel in the carburetor, NO pressure is needed to sit correctly. Actually without the cable attached, and with the barrel inserted correctly,you should be able to turn the carburetor over and the barrel should fall out without much effort..
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