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Default carb slide

hey guys i am almost finished with my first build i have a cranbrook from wallmart i put a 48cc dax motor and i test drove it the other day and the motor runs fine its pretty fast as it is. the only problem im running into is my throttle is not working, i can do it manually from the carb lever but thats it. i dont understand how the carb slide and needle work i followed the directions on the dax site to put it together the needle goes first then a metal ring and then the cable attatche to the slide from the bottom. what i dont understand is when i pull the throttle it contracts the spring moving the carb slide all the way up. is this how its supposed to work? there isnt really any room for the slide to move thats why im wondering if just the needle with the metal ring only is supposed to move up in the slide. any help is much appriciated! thank you.
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