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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Hope your enjoying that cold one Brent. Really, that is just one heck of a day. I'd be throwing stuff, cursing an' kicking.

Not that it is near as frustrating. But bought a Mill/lathe. Most expensive tool I ever bought. Been looking for my digital calipers for a coupla weeks. I brought it in last fall so the batts would not die. Well, used it a few times and lost trac of where it was. Bought a cheap plastic one but it could not do fractions. (only MM or inches) So had a 25% off coupon and bought another one. Happens every single time. Walked in the house and all but put my hand on the old one. snork.

Think I'm gonna join ya in a beer. (well, not in one but ya know wut I mean)

Turns out it is legal to buy beer on the 4th here in CT, but no one knows it! I showed 3 super markets the state. gov's web site and they would not sell me a dang beer!

worst apocalypse ever
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