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Default Re: opinions from female riders on build

*helps CG and CD swat sausages aside* lol

I think the Cranny 24 is fine for a female build, but then I don't like anything too girly anyhow. Comfy seats and suspension are good options if your girl is into such creature comforts and function over form. I'm used to my steel track bike (everything is skinny and rigid 0_o) and as a result my motorized bicycle build is more form over function and I'll sacrifice comfort for looks. I sorta wish now that I had bought the Cranny 24 so I could put some Skyway mags on it (again form over function.) Girl it up for her. Paint the frame (may I recommend Montana Gold... unless she likes burgundy, of course.) Recover the seat in an awesome material, I redid my cranny seat in glitter vinyl. VHT makes pink and purple engine paint even! Deck it out with colorful bits from the bmx store, like anodized bar ends, axle nuts, colorful brake cables and grips, etc. So many possibilities!
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