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Default Re: Brand new engine has hole in cylinder near stud. :(

As a final thought on this, I once knew this guy who was building up a motorcycle junk yard. I met him when he was talking to a mechanic buddy of mine at a dealership and they were talking about the market and business of used bike parts.

I remember him taking about the nature of the different riders. I'm sure the Chinese may see things similar to his views as well. He said, "I'd rather sell used parts to guys with street & road bikes who take care of them cause they want things right and will pay to keep their rides up and in good working condition". "Dirt bike riders are the worst........when they are riding in the woods and something breaks down they'll slap anything on it that will get them running again and care less". He went on to say they would use a part of a Jeep it they thought it would work. But his view of dirt bikes was....."what the hey........they are just destroying them while having their fun". And not really want to put any money back into them.

Perhaps the Asian manufactures have already figured.....hey what the heck....these are just going to be used by boys and the life span of them
will probably just be a summer or two till they trash them and get a car. Then they'll forget all about their bicycles.....and the bike passed on to the scrap heap. (how readily available are repair parts for these ?) Some of us are familiar with the term, "Dynamic Oblescence".

I've been quite impressed at the effort and "love" so many I'm among on this board put into their rides. I'm left wondering if those in China are actually aware of it.....or it's only a production oriented view they have that translates into money for them. Consider the many short comings of these things we discuss here and how people purchase these without express warrenties.....and even anticipate major tear downs and overhauls to keep them running.

I would hope the Chinese manufacturers would at least repair the mold for the
cylinder if only for the sake of the after-market here. That is, assuming these kits with holes in the cylinders weren't something sold "off market" for cheap to a jobber who saw a quick buck selling them on eBay as they didn't pass quality control back in China. But time will tell on these cylinders.
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