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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

So I get home from work,I have been driving the motorized bicycle because the wifes car is down.I come to a stop and the motor dies ,no big deal just held it for 10 miles and its hot.I tried to start it to go to the store to get me a beer it is seized?I pulled the head not good,so I tore it down.I broke a ring on the way home a destroyed the piston and cylinder.My ipod was cranking AC/DC on the way home didnt hear it.

So I had a motor with a new piton and cylinder on it swaped it out and jumped on then poped it over bang the piston hit the top of the head and stoped turning over ?It lookes like the piston pin hole is a 1/4 " lower on the piston?So I had a piston and cylinder off that was used but in good shape so I put that on and wow sounds good and runs sweet.I took that down the road about 1/4 mile and the rod bearing blew and ended up in the intake port thus blowing the motor.I think I hurt the rod when I poped it with the wrong piston.

So now I put the my spare motor back together with the weird size piston then swap the hole motor out,not easy has a charging coil and had to change the side covers to the ones with flames.So I get it all together and try once more to make it to the store as I am getting thursty bye now.I get about the same spot as before running good and the chain snaps and wraps around the spokes taking out 3 and ripping my rear brake off.Now I am thursty pissed and my rim is trashed!!!

I pushed the bike home to find the retaining clip for the master link on the ground were I was working on it,I hoped on my peddle bike and got my beer,
going to give up for the day and drink my beer .Happy 4th hope your was better but mine was not a total loss still got my beer
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