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Default Re: Lurker coming out to intro himself.

thanks for the welcome. Before I even joined the forum I spent hours looking through the whole site trying to get ideas and look through others experiences. The DYI section is where I spent a bit of time along with the two cycle section. There's a lot of info here and It gave me some direction as to the best way to go with what I had on hand. Thanks again for the welcome.

Thanks for the welcome and making me feel at home here.

I thank you for the input and thats why I asked for suggestions. My thinking with putting the roller on the sidewall has done two things for me. First is that in the rain there will be less slippage because the sidewall is throwing the water off the tire hopefully which yesterday kinda showed me it will do just that after test rides in the rain. So far there has been minimal is any slippage except from the clutch from being under powered. I might still try a smaller roller and make it out of Rubber like Canonball2 has made.

Second train of thought was simplicity in using what i had on hand to get the job done till I can get something better together. I do not have access to a lot of materials atm nor do I have a ton of money to do this. This way gave me an immediate power system to help me on my 20+ mile a day rides as my car went Kaboom and I live 6 miles from anywhere.

Still I do thank you for your suggestions and when I make my next one I will definitely have that in mind. Also thanks for the Welcome.
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