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Default Re: Proper Break-in Procedure with Opti 2?

Originally Posted by BeaverRat View Post
What is the best way to mix this stuff?

If you get the little 1.8 fl oz packets, and mix it with 1 gallon of gas (per instructions) you would get a ratio of 71:1. I thought 100:1 is best for this oil?

If you get a 12 fl oz bottle of Opti 2, how do you measure out 1.32 fl oz to achieve the 100:1 mix ratio? A standard ratio rite maxes out at 70:1!

The Opti-2 oil 1.8 fl oz packets are designed for the Australian
and Canadian markets so they have instructions on them to mix
5 liters to 1 gallon of gas which is 100 to 1.

Mix 1.3 gallons to get 100 to 1.

128 oz in a gallon so 100 to 1 = 1.28 oz

I have only had the packets. It looks like only the 34 fl oz bottle of Opti 2
has a measuring device built into it.

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