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Default Re: Proper Break-in Procedure with Opti 2?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
This man is correct. There is no cross hatching in the Chinese 2 stroke engines.
I disagree to a point.

I have had bran new engines that had Cross Hatch in them some looked better than others while still some had non at all. I think it depends on what mood they are in at the factory at the time lol.

My very first China came from a dealer who is no more but it was a bushed motor that thing ran better than anybody's motor did around me! It had very visible cross hatch in the cylinder when it was new and ran a very long time. I had not used the said Opti on it but I have seen Opti first hand on friends motors and I have no Qualms about it. None of us have ran it at 100/1 tho about 50/1 or 60/1. That I know of. I have a huge case of another oil to finish off.

I have implemented a cocktail tho of a hint of opti with my oil I need to use up tho.I wanted to to get those friction modifiers implemented. That one is at 50 to one. 10 of is opti and all has been good.

I know these guy's here posting quit well if they say it works. It works just like they say it does! I have been becoming quit fascinated with this friction modifier agent in Opti!
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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