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Default Re: No motor but impressive

I was introduced to the McAskill videos a few months ago and I've watched them countless times. Several aspects of his skills that amaze me is his ability to know exactly where that rear wheel is at any given time and where it's going to go. In his first vid he rides atop an iron fence and when mounting the fence he jumps the bike's rear wheel to center it on the top of the posts without even looking back.
Other times he jumps and lands precisely on the rear wheel on things as narrow as a steel pipe fence railing that appears to be only 2" in diameter.

One mystery that I haven't figured out yet is how he stands the bike on the front wheel, spins it around and the bike has cable actuated front disc brakes. How does he keep from twisting the cable around the head tube? Watch the scene where he's on top of his camper. What am I missing?

You also have to give credit to his room mate and his skills with a camera. The videography in Danny's vids is fantastic. Oh, and the choice of music doesn't hurt either.
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