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Default Lurker coming out to intro himself.

Just wanted to drop in and say Hi to all of you. Been lurking through the threads recently trying to get some Ideas and learn from your trials and errors. Ive only built one scoot that was a mating of a tail section of a mangled go-ped 35cc and a kids foot scooter. ( Ill see if I have a Pic of it.) Now due to circumstances my bike is the only transportation that I have and I have to say, You guys rock when it comes to gettting these bikes on Petrol.

Ive seen some really imaginative and utterly amazing works on this forum unlike some of the others that rely more on the kits. \m/ you guys rock!!.

My latest foray into the world of powering a bike is just a simple thing. Homemade rear rack out of brackets from a plasma screen tv I found in the trash as I was peddling by and A dumpster dive Homelite 26cc curved trimmer that the local goodwill was too good for. Some nut, bolts and lock washers from my stash of goodies.

Hope my questions that may come in the future dont seem ignorant but I tend to look for the answers first and then ask if I cant find them.( you find a wealth of info doing it that way that may just help you figure out your own question.)

Anyhows.. Cheers and keep the builds coming.
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