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Hi all

I've been watching and read all the post on this thread. there were some good times and bad some funny and some sad. but I made it to the end as of this date.

So I think I will throw my $0.02 in.

I am a trained Mechanic with 35 + years fixing and working on cars.

what opti 2 is saying that metal is not removed when two high spots hit do to lube failing , it is reformed and smoothed out. now this is a good thing, nothing is removed. so if nothing is removed then the clearances in your engine will not increase so your engine will last longer.

In an machining process you can only get it so smooth. no matter how smooth you get it it will still have high spots just smaller. and when two smooth objects are moving across each other, say rings on cylinder walls you will still be removing high spots

so if opti 2 is smoothing out the high spots by reforming them, making smoother and not enlarging clearances. plus smoother = less oil needed to lube the smooooooest parts less friction . MORE HP ?

now try this at home get some sand paper 80gt 120gt 400gt 1000gt. start with the 80gt take two pieces and put them grit to grit and try to move them large high spots hard to move across each other it would take chassis grease to lube it. now do 120 400 1000 gt paper and as you go up on gt number the smoother and easer to move needing less lube to move

so this are some of my thoughts on this subject .
i have a new 66cc i am going to do opti 2 100:1 right out the gate. i have read the some have done this with good results.
Later all Don P

P.S. anyone that has broke there engine in on opti 2 ,lets have some updates on how your engine is preforming.

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