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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

I believe as a builder/seller of MB's, your time would be better spent marketing your bike to your ideal customer. I wouldn't offer high end Tiffany China at a Street Swap Meet - you'd have to pack it all up and bring it back home = wrong crowd, see my point?
What's being proposed here as I see it, is a list of recognized reputable builders, right? I've seen this discussion evolve in two other hobby forums that I frequent. Just look at a couple possible problems with this situation, namely who gets to say what builders are 'reputable' and 2nd, how to maintain this groups level of 'customer satisfaction', will there be a committee to govern this group of builders?
Our group here has a major thing in common with the other 2 builder forums I mentioned, and that is prospective BUILDERS frequent the pages, not BUYERS of finished goods. Your buyers are out there, intelligent and smart marketing will bring them to you with money in hand, good money, the money you deserve for your time and talent. My solution is not to focus on what the other guy is doing, but work on your own product and find YOUR customer. The market will weed out the lesser, low quality cheaply built products. Trust me on this , it always does.
Build what you love building, don't be distracted by what others are doing or by the prices they are charging. The news of the excellent quality you put into your builds will spread, just as the news of crappy thrown-together builds will spread, only 5 times faster, See my point here? If you do excellent work, your work will set you apart from your competition, not some 5 star appointed committee's stamp of approval. -Vinny

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