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Default Re: Proper Break-in Procedure with Opti 2?

i run every one of my own bikes and every bike i build to sell on opti-2 at 100:1 from the first start-up.

all of them are still on the road, and some have over 2 years and thousands of miles on them.

i wouldn't recommend breaking them in on a different oil. that defeats the whole purpose of using it. go to their website and you'll see how it's a totally different technology than any other oil.

another thing about the break-in period, it's usually one tank or less, compared to many tanks and weeks of a poorly running motor with conventional oils. on a lot of my bikes there's been no noticeable break-in period at all!

as a final point, there's only been one case where the owner believes (but i don't) that opti2 ruined his engine. there's been no tests of any kind done on that engine (to my knowledge,) so there could have been many other factors that contributed to his failure.

there's many, many more satisfied users, so even if it was discovered that opti2 caused it, them's still good odds...
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