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Default Re: Can we ride in the rain?

I little bit of rain will not hurt these motors. Do consider sealing up the Magneto cover up good tho. At the grommet where the wires come out put some Gasket Maker grade silicone like Permatex brand and have a gasket on the cover. These motors don't like the Magneto to be wet. They will rust out easy there too as well as at the clutch cover as well.

Of coarse it is a two stroke ridiculously heavy down poor rain can in a sense starve the cylinder/piston bore of oil in turn scoring it.

The clutch gears need a small dab of axle bearing grease put on them periodically. Not a lot! The clutch actuator rod on the left side of the motor needs periodic greasing as well axle grease on both side of the rod and adjacent parts. Do be carefull not to have the little bearing roll out behind the actuator rod when taking it apart!
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