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Default Re: Fuel Bags

Well the fuel as been in the bag for 11 hours and so far everything seems fine.

An excellent solution in search of a problem.
It takes care of several issues in the overall design of my moto-bike.

Opens up all sorts of options. Could put a fuel tank in any thing.
My plan is to suspend a bag for the fuel cells under the rear cargo rack. If i were into motorizing old classic cruisers...I'd go apesh*t over this concept.

Here is another concept I've come up with that goes great with the fuel bag concept...

Take a Schreader valve stem and cut the rubber off of it and secure it on your cells (you will see i used a "thru-hull" type valve stem for the current waterbottle tank on my bike) output line. Then get the tip off of a cheap manual bicycle pump and attach to the line going into the carb...Now you have a check valved fuel cell that can be quick-disconected from the motor!

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