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Default Re: 2-stroke electric starter??

That is a dynamo used on the pocket bike and scooter engines. It both starts the engine and powers the electrical system/ charges the battery. It bolts up in between the pull starter and engine case on the right side. The crankshaft is extended further out and the dynamo rotor engages over it. The crank shaft is specific to the electric start engines and is different than the pull start only engines.
My daughter's pocket bike is electric and pull start. My Razor scooter is pull start only.
Both have nearly identical engines. Back when there were a few pocket bike/ scooter dealerships around I went to one and asked about converting my scooter to electric start. Both the sales man and the mechanic informed me that the crank shaft would have to be changed out; and after totaling up the cost of all the parts involved mechanical, electrical and whatnot, and myself doing all the labor, it would be cheaper to just replace the whole engine and buy the specific electrical items seperately.
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