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Default Re: 2-stroke electric starter??

Who says it has to be "urgent"? If it hasn't been done, it should be done, or at least a valid mechanical reasoning be deduced why it CAN'T be done. We don't have to do it in 15 minutes, but this thread's been up for a week and there really should be better conceptual ideas for it being 38 posts deep.

A pull start might be a quick and easy bandage for the want of an electric start, but to use it as a way to avoid a great piece of engineering is just lazy thinking - not to be taken personally, but that's why engineering hasn't advanced as far as it should have since steam technology in the 18th century. There's too many simple, time saving, cost saving bandages.


This thread is the second result when searching on google for two stroke electric starter. There should be a solution here.

Pocket Bike Stock Parts

There is a motor with electric start here on this first page, as well as three electric starters, CDI's for electric start, and solenoids.

The second page has 2 additional starters, both with drive teeth.

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