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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Thanks for the input. I look forward to finding out what I can.
I'm unsure how to disassemble the rest of the motor so I have stopped at the jug. That was easy enough.
In my limited experience I would say there is only one flaw and that is seen in the first set of photos I posted in this thread. Pardon the focus but other than knowing what an actual scaring looks like that is the only flaw I see. Nothing like the piston gouges. See the nick on the top of the piston and see the nick on one of the ports. The port nick is all the damage similar to the piston I see. Bad picture I know and sharing technical details through a forum is even harder. Trust me I am all for starting with a replacement cylinder, rings and piston with the ideal bearings. All of this to learn how and do a good job.
Perhaps recommended site links for the act of disassembly? I have a blue tub with a lid holding the whole project. I can take the time since I did the crime

I like to ride!
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