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Default Re: I completed my first motobike frame!

Dan wrote:
Could you share more about your clutch? Certainly understand if ya don't wanna divulge.
Sorry no, for at least right now. I will tell you that I've got close to 2 years into the research & development of the clutch and transmission and it has not been an "easy" road. My first iteration was a conical clutch with a micro-V belt (with spoke mounted Sheave) and I "bailed" on the concept because I could only start the motor by hand turning the rear wheel (on the test buck) 6 out of 10 times. My current iteration started the motor 10 out of 10 times X 5 tests!!!! But here is the crux, I am going after a specific "client" that will be uber perticular about performance and rectum (damb near killed him) up tight about the technology they buy into...

So for right now I feel that is best that I not chirp.

Heck, if all goes well i'll be marketing motor-bike components to the public as well.
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