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Originally Posted by Joaquin Suave View Post
Has anyone tried using fuel bags for a fuel cell?
OH Man! 2 cool. I looked in to them a few yrs back and could only find crazy expensive ones. But is such a great thought Joaquin. First, safety but more importantly (snork) ya could put one in any thing and it would work.

On the ground in WW2, ya could shoot any U.S. fighter with a .45 in a half full fuel tank. With the Zero, ya got a baroque right quick.

I wanna use a classic 1960's school kids lunch box for a gas tank. "Cause BatMan rocks!

...and don't need a vent! It collapses. So you could ride your motorized bicycle up-side down very briefly. Don't ask me how or why I think that is important but would also be of great help to our Aussie brethren. (snork, gonna get some PMs fer that)
worst apocalypse ever

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