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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Found this on clist. Any thing here you would suggest? Still paying off mill lathe so bargain hunting for tools and parts. (deleted most of the non-mill/lathe stuff. there was a bunch) ...
IMO,,, not other than the items I mentioned before.

Some things to keep in mind:

1) most accessories for full-size machines won't fit onto what you've got at all, there's simply not enough room. The lathe tailstock accessories he lists are either MT4 or MT5, and you'd need an MT2. The "small" size of tool bits for a full-size lathe have shanks that are3/4-inch square, and your machine will only hold 1/2-inch-square, or maybe even only 3/8".

2) the mill motor you have will be working hard to take light cuts with a 1/2" mill bit in plain steel, so you won't benefit much from any mill bits larger than that. ..If he had some under-1/2-inch mill bits they might be worth looking at, but check online first to see what new ones would cost. ...When you need to make larger holes you will need to use either a rotary table or a boring head (~$70 at littlemachineshop).

3) a lot of the measuring tools listed are redundant, with only a limited range. You'll be a lot happier with one 8-inch caliper that you use for most stuff than with eight different-sized test calipers with a one-inch-range each. Maybe get a second one to confirm the first, but two is all you need. As the second caliper, a vernier (no dial) caliper is more reliable, costs a bit less and most do precision measuring in English & metric as well.
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