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Default Greetings from Tucson

Hello! I am completely new to the world of motorized biking but trying to learn. My goal for now is to build a bike that I can use mostly for short hops when it isn't worth starting up my truck and perhaps make the 16 mile round trip to work once or twice a week. I plan on using a 50 cc or less engine since where I live that exempts me from needing to register and insure the vehicle. I used to own a 1958 Plymouth as a project and the cost of the insurance was what forced me to sell it. Anyway I am finding many answers to questions here but I am wondering if anybody could point me to a thread that explains the differences between the various Chinese 2 cycle engines and how to tell which is which? I mainly ask this because I don't have a lot of funds and I am pondering the $120 ebay kit vs. the $250 kit from Spooky Tooth.

For the record I am relatively adept at things mechanical. I've rebuilt a V8 so I figure I can handle a 2 cycle. I am also in relatively good shape for my age (almost 55 at this time). I do have an innate need to tinker and love to figure out and repair mechanical devices. So here I am!
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