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Default Let's see how this pans out (problem with a new motor)

They always say that when you are dealing with a company.....the moment of truth when you have a problem- it's how the company takes care of you that really tells you how the company is run.....

I recently bought a motor from Thats Dax...unfortunately, I think the motor might have been a dud because it stopped running yesterday.

As I was riding at about 1/2 throttle...the motor gradually slowed down and stopped. I tried to start it, but I felt more resistance then usual so it probably has a bad bearing.

At any rate, I am going on vacation in a week with a couple of buddies, we are riding our bikes down to Chesapeake Bay and back. I emailed the guys at Thats Dax about my issue....I'm sure they will take care of it for me, but I am gonna be gutted if he can't get me a new motor here by next Saturday :-(
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