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Default Re: New Cranny build underway!

A few updates to the build. I added the RT carb/velocity stack/Puch Hi Hi Compression head/springer seat from a free Craigslist find. The seat really helps the build a lot!

New rims get here today. Currently, the stock set is back on with the brake shoes removed from the rear hub. Allows it to roll/run but the pedals have to play catch-up when wanting to pedal. They won't grab until a few rotations are completed. Not sure how other people have achieved going from from coaster to free on the same hub, but this ain't workin'! New wheel set should solve it, as well as giving me a peace of mind with a more heavy duty wheel set under me with the amount of power this set up is making. Just need to go through the sand/paint/mask/sand/paint steps again!

Also installed a new petcock/NGK BPR6HIX plug/and head stud kit. Gotta pick up some real fuel line tomorrow. This stock stuff is junk. Also plan on painting the drive gear the same satin bronze as some of the other parts.

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