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been watching this thread off and on...and i don't doubt the superior lubricating properties of these advanced lubricants as to reducing friction, and would not be opposed to adding them as a supplement to to oil in my engines...however and its just my way of seeing things, the reason for the oil additive to our fuel is twofold...first as a lubricant but also to to insure proper compression between the rings and the cylinder wall...when veiwed under a microscope you will see voids that need to be filled ( scoring ect,) to insure proper compression. . . less oil the less voids are filled...therefor not as an efficient seal... to my way of thinking 1/3 the product....can never seal the minute voids as well as say a 32 to one mix therefor not insuring the optimum compression....regardless of the quality it just requires enough oil to fill all the voids......anyone see that or is it just me? David
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