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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it??? case any of this was directed at me...
I own
I inherited it from my mother when her brother (yes, my uncle) died suddenly one christmas eve. (3 years ago)
To run the company I must use all of the skill sets.... I've either developed... or had from birth.
Developed: "small engine mechanic for a large lawn care company when i was younger" (2000 yards a week...30 mowers running 7 days a week 10 hours per day)
From birth: a knack for taking **** apart... fixing it...then reassembling it.
also i can read a book frontwards backwards and upside down...dunno...I just can. (for placing typeset in the machines that require constant attention and adjustments) We fabricate many expensive and hard to find parts for these very old imprinting machines with our lathe... using mics and well...whatever it takes. This includes computer systems and software, control systems etc.
Yes..I can build websites...

OK....why does this matter?

Well....I was asked to help a local bike store develop their website.... they had owned the url (name) for 2 years wihout so much as a phone number at the site....I said "that was silly" and put up a scratch site in about 45 seconds.

Ventura Motorized Bicycles

As payment they kindly installed a Grubee GT5 on my schwinn jaguar. ( I immediately fell in love...found you guys...and dove into development of various systems)..(keyed ignition, Alarm, Lighting, electric hub repair and install, etc)

I also came to quickly understand the art and finese in builds by Venice and others. Quality welds, well thought out layout, retro get it.

Fast forward to my enthusiasm....yes i jump the gun.

a hybrid is disappointingly ..merely a mountain bike city bike combo....not a gas/electric bicycle as it should be.
So I bought trybrid and ...logical progressions of that train of thought. gas/elec/human powered bikes.

Once they saw my extended workmanship on the original prototype the bike store asked me to partner up with them to develop many new and exciting concepts as well actual design and CnC products to make everything safer and more enjoyable for the entire industry...perhaps the entire planet.
literally...3rd world countries will be using their gas/electric bicycles to charge their cellular phones in years to come... (which may very well be the difference between "stuck" in poverty and "rising above it" for entire nations) but thats another story entirely.

It's all very exciting and I can just tell this entire industry is on the cusp of a new public awareness of a very old technology. Batteries just caught up with what the support technologies can accomplish.
It's "ART"..... Applied Research and Technology...LOL!!!

Anyhow...if I've offended anyone...I'm truly sorry. No harm has been intended.I could go on defending our obsession...aahh HOBBY....but I think you all may understand my direction and reasons a little better after my rant here.

And that's all I wanted to say.
oh...and i don't like unsafe crap work either...

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