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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

I trust the story of a new owner and a lot of Sunny miles on a painted engine in a short time will help some.

I have not opened up the engine to see what went wrong or if it can be fixed but I plan to do so. I should shoot that.

I garnered the help of several folks on the site and I understand the EZM 4-Stroke is the best for me in respect to long rides but my Giant Boulder Boulder (2011) - Bikes | Giant Bicycles | United States isn't the frame I want such an engine on to be honest.
Morini is more a custom fit option that I am not ready to do either but both deserve respect and I would like to do one of each in time.

I went with a RAW replacement and two are now on the way. If nothing more I hope to get 750 miles out of each and I am considering going through with the wind wings to channel air on-to the engine. I have the clamp and the rod holder. I saw the rods I want to use so it's just a mater of fabrication.
So I will ride again soon.

Perhaps the cause of failure is obvious on the painted black motor but heat was a problem for it and from that several potential failures present themselves.

So I will install this new motor myself and we shall see how far I can take the hobby/transportation "bicycle" down the road.

If the next 725 were as fun as the first then I can't complain. I would like to go fishing and camping with the trailer.

So now to review breaking in a motor. Might as well brush up again.
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