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Default help with first build. small problems

Hi there. so i have purchased a raw motor for my micargi stealth single speed with coaster brakes.

There are a few issues however that have slowed my build.

First is the brakes, i am concerned that the coaster brakes would be safe and reliable? if they are not i thought that i would just get hand clamp brakes and mount them to my bike however they would need to be mounted via welding which i do not have access to. it would also require me to purchase new rear rim and the brakes etc just more money.

my other concern is that if i keep the coaster brakes it looks like they will be touching the sprocket which makes me worried due to all the friction that will be caused from the metal on metal contact.

basically what woould you all reccomend to someone like me a first time builder to do to get this thing running safely and reliably???

Thank you very much in advance i look forwarrd to your replies and getting this thing running.
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