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Originally Posted by Diver View Post
Sorry, editing..
If want to do that 100:1 mix- go for it. I just like to error on the side of caution. It's one thing to have a 4-stroke with oil in the crank case saturating moving parts when operating.. but when you're burning it up for lube and then it's a 100:1 ratio--I feel that's cutting it a bit close.
Plus ol' greasy small engine mechanic I bought it from said he'd never run it at 100:1- but he does at 50:1. I'll go with that.
What's the worst that could happen? More engine life?
Oh I did error on the side of caution , I broke mine in with amsoil saber , at quite generous ratio's , and what did I get , a greasy stinky mess of a bike.
And over the course of the summer I burnt way more oil than was needed, had a smoky stinky exhaust, that people commented about ...
Oh yeah and that hawt blue smoke trail that follows you .
But yeah I hear what your saying, personally I cant wait to get a new engine so I can test and see what wear I get from opti at 75+/1 ratio.
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