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Originally Posted by muddybike View Post
Why risk it ? Cuz thats twice as much opti 2 that is needed !
Have to admit i was skeptical of opti2 @100/1 but its been running great, and im on too my 4th tank ... no problems what so ever.
Next 66 I get I think i will brak it in with opti2 at 50-75/1.

Edit i SWEAR someone had posted just before me that he was running opti2 @ 50/1 and said why risk it ...
Post should make more sense now!
Sorry, editing..
If you want to do that 100:1 mix- go for it. I just like to error on the side of caution. It's one thing to have a 4-stroke with oil in the crank case saturating moving parts when operating.. but when you're burning it up for lube and then it's a 100:1 ratio--I feel that's cutting it a bit close.
Plus ol' greasy small engine mechanic I bought it from said he'd never run it at 100:1- but he does at 50:1. I'll go with that.
What's the worst that could happen? More engine life?

The Opti-2 oil company won't be replacing my engine if it breaks-- why take their claims at face value. Why not use Bromin's Magic Snake Oil For 2-Stroke Engines while you're at it-- it says on the bottle that you can mix it at 5,000:1. It says right on the bottle!

Again, I like Opti-2 because it's smokeless.

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