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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by mmmmudd View Post
Contemplated, ...
half a cigar's worth. .. .
The problem with inheriting a project, no matter how cool, is the family politics that go along with it. I'm thinking I'm gonna start with a fresh engine kit and a fresh bike, paint it the same color and see if anyone notices. It'll be a "tribute bike" I'm thinking.
I'm absolutely sure I've spent like 4 to the 3'rd power more time siting on a milk crate contemplating the possibilities and smoking cigars than I have actually riding my bike . . .
In the end it's all joy I guess!
I love doing just that. Cup of coffee or a libation, a smoke and just sit (also on a milk crate. is the perfect height) and just contemplate. "Medi-engineering" ("engi-meditation"?)

Oh man! On an early Sunday morning. No one but the birds, the bike and me.
A perfect day....
worst apocalypse ever
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