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Default Re: Proper Break-in and Making your engine last.

From the article; these principles apply to all 4 stroke engines:

Do 2-strokes seal differently?

Anyway, I did not follow any break-in procedure. I ran it for about 5 minutes twice, adjusted the carb, ran 5 more times for 10-15 minutes per ride, then ran it for 11 miles (35-40 minutes) without stopping. This probably totaled 16 miles.

So what is the correct procedure?
Is it 10 minutes per ride for 1 gallon at 16:1 with varying throttle positions?

Have I hosed my engine? It seems to be running pretty good and I've used a little under 2 liters of 16:1 so far.

I've read so many things. Do you really need to let it cool down before taking it out again for the next break in ride?

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