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Default Re: Motorized vs. Electric

Originally Posted by happyvalley View Post
Speaking just about the motor, there is no comparison and why modern rail locomotives use them. An electric motor has a high output and flat torque curve across the rpm band from start-up. It can eliminate much of the need for gearing needed in ICE engines.

Electrical storage for mobile applications is another matter and the main obstacles currently in the way, overcoming weight and cost.
That's why all modern trains have a large deisel engine connected to a generator. Imagine what a battery pack for a train would look like. Only other option would be to have overtrack power lines to feed the trains but then if the power is disrupted the train is stuck dead in its tracks. The next huge advances with electric vehicles will be fuel cell technology coupled with advances in superconductor technology.

Until then......

Long live hydrocarbons! (technically all hydrocarbons we pump out of the ground is just stored solar energy in chemical form) lol
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