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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

It's official this Bicygnals front light shuts itself off. Lets see if Amazon is as quick with the replacement.

Now call me light freaky but once this gets set up I will feel very relaxed at night along stretches of highway as well as I will in less travelled back roads.
Great lights offer us bicycle riders respect since the on coming traffic thinks it's a motorcycle or other than a simple bicycle which this motorized bicycle is not.

Well I have a set back on this but I see I ordered the Maxxon brake light and it's coming from overseas. Hopefully not on the slow boat.

The question is now what to do? I have a book rack I like that swings away when pushed hard because it rotates on silicone tape. I like that because I try to clear the gas can with the leg as I mount the bike but sometimes I connect with the top of the jug and it's easier to reach back and straighten rather than get back off and reattach the jug.
Still there is the world of rear rack bags called panniers. Obviously I can make use of a rack and pannier.

At this point I hope the basic mechanicals of this build are stable. What has happened although is the local bike shop I bought the bike at requests that I not bring the bike into his shop any more. I can still buy things and he will repair what I bring in such as truing a wheel if I disassemble the motorized bicycle for him. Something to do with insurance costs. I guess money is good, Motor Assisted bikes bad. Mmmkay?

Any one know of bike shops that work on mabs?

So a couple weeks to decide on the tail end of this bike. The front light concept works for me so panniers seem the logical way to go.

Adding panniers means the cool swing tail I have may need to be replaced.
The basket is off in this new configuration and I have to do a ride to really know if I am happy with this light configuration because that basket was really useful so I will weigh the two and see.

Well as it is with mail order I have to wait. I have as of writing this, I had the idea that I can connect the swing tail to the seat bottom. I may save myself from another purchase unless panniers need to tie to the down rods? Eh, I need to learn but one thing is for sure that swing tail and an 18 pack balance nicely.

There ya go more read.. More motorized bicycle soft porn stories.. You love it!

I do too.. I want the most highway long distance functionality I can get.
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