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Default Re: Clutch cable is snapped, What do?

Originally Posted by bwayney View Post
I bought my motor bike from a guy off craigslist about 1 year ago. I drove it and parked it at a taco bell and after Im done i see my clutch cable has been snapped(The brake line that goes from the left handlebar to the engine with the clutch i believe).

Anyways i have no idea how to fix this or where to get what looks like a normal brake line that is used for the clutch cable. I can sometimes manually get the bike to by holding in the clutch allowing me to pedal and then releasing the clutch and then hoping it runs. But it sat for a while and i can no longer get it to run.

Is there anyone in the Grand rapids area(Michigan) that can help me or know where i can bring this bike to get fixed, i really miss riding it. Thanks alot.
We can probably give you all kinds of ideas on what to do but what would greatly help us is if you uploaded some pics of it. We have no idea what kind of engine or clutch system you have and there are many different kits out there. Help us so we can help you.
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