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Default Clutch cable is snapped, What do?

I bought my motor bike from a guy off craigslist about 1 year ago. I drove it and parked it at a taco bell and after Im done i see my clutch cable has been snapped(The brake line that goes from the left handlebar to the engine with the clutch i believe).

Anyways i have no idea how to fix this or where to get what looks like a normal brake line that is used for the clutch cable. I can sometimes manually get the bike to by holding in the clutch allowing me to pedal and then releasing the clutch and then hoping it runs. But it sat for a while and i can no longer get it to run.

Is there anyone in the Grand rapids area(Michigan) that can help me or know where i can bring this bike to get fixed, i really miss riding it. Thanks alot.
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