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Default Re: Motorized vs. Electric

Originally Posted by tallcrown View Post
I have a real Motorcycle and understand "loud pipes save lives" (kinda).
Yeah the biker thats dressed head to toe with Black leather and a skull cap (that protects nothing) is really all about safety , yeah right.
Loud pipes are only to make people look , grief neighborhoods, and too look like a badass.
If safety was a concern said biker would be decked out with a orange hit me vest , like road construction guys.
I am sure plenty will disagree but I know how i feel, 2 doors down there is a dick that goes for a ride nightly and with every gear and stop he cracks the throttle on his modified exhaust chopper.
Easy to see or hear what hes about.
sry for the hyjack

Go gas all the way , and at a later date add the electric front wheel , thats my plan.
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