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Default How to make a difficult ride easy

I spend as much time pedaling a bike as I do riding my motorized bike.

This weekend I pedaled a route in the Applachian Mountains in western Maryland- 30 miles, no traffic lights, 4 stop signs, almost no cars, one hill after another. The worst hill was long with an 11% grade. I struggled up it at about 5 mph for what felt like forever. I wondered if I could keep going without getting off my bike and walking, but I managed to pedal all the way to the top. My average speed was 12.4 mph, maximum was 40 mph, and elapsed time was 2 Ĺ hours. At then end of the ride I wasnít overly tired, and I had the satisfaction of accomplishing a long hard ride. But I was spent for the day.

While I was riding I couldnít help dreaming about what the ride would be like on my motorized bike. My average speed would be more than twice as fast - at least 25 mph. At twice the speed I would have covered twice the distance - 60 miles instead of a puny 30 miles. The hills would be easy. I could have powered right up the smaller hills barely slowing down at all. The biggest hills I could climb at 3 to 4 times as fast as I could pedal them. Iíd be at the top so much faster. And when I finished the 60 miles, Iíd have enough energy for another 60 miles.

I love riding bicycles, but my motorized bike is a special treat. I can ride much faster and further that I could possibly pedal. Hills are easy. Itís such a thrill for someone who just likes to ride bicycles!
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