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Default Re: Custom Frame For Thumper Motor

Hey CCC, nice pipe. There's a couple of places local to me that may be able to make the bend you need. One in Costa Mesa called Railmakers. They make stainless boat railing. The other is Advanced Tube Engineering in Huntington Beach. I've used both for various things and found them to be good to deal with. Railmakers is by far the most reasonable but both have remnants and cutoffs they sell cheap.
I also have used both companies, Railmakers to roll some tubing and ATE for an aerospace job. Both are great to work with, though ATE will probably ding you kinda hard for a one off item.

Another couple of other sources can be found in the alleys and cul de sac's right behind Trader Joes on 17th street up on Goat Hill. There are a some small shops that are geared towards boat fab and don't seem to turn away little cash jobs.

CCC, i dig your safety wire coupling! I use that stuff to fix all kinds of things.
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