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Default Re: 2-stroke electric starter??

Here are some photos of the motor I was talking about. This was originally on a Sun three wheeler from the late 1960's I think and was one of the first "electric" bicycles. These motors were also sold for two wheelers. Speed was on and off with a button to activate. There was a hand brake lever like on a kit clutch which could be locked and that engaged and disengaged the drive wheel from the front wheel of the bike. I tried this to see what it was like and it moved the rig down the road alright, but you needed a decent battery to make it go. Originally they used one from like a garden tractor. Heavy. It is 12 volt, of course.

This would have plenty of power to start a motor, I think. As the drive wheel is it might tend to eat tires if in contact with the wheel all the time. A larger wheel of rubber like someone right now is using on the friction drive Predator thread would no doubt be easier on the tire. Also as it is the starter would stick out to the side of the bike some and that might be awkward... don't know. I would guess it could be set up so that instead of a direct drive it might have a little jackshaft to re direct the power to the roller and have everything tucked behind the seat post more centrally.

I'm not too savvy with electronics, but hope this is at least a kind of starting point in thinking about how this could be done. If nothing else it is something to eliminate. Someone else will have a better idea of that than me.
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