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Default Re: Motorized vs. Electric

I have a real Motorcycle and understand "loud pipes save lives" (kinda). But in the case of loud gas motor bicycles. That is just looking for trouble. A Gas powered bike should be quiet. You want to get around the law by claiming it is a moped/Bicycle but then again you want to be cool and have more power by less restrictive exhaust. You can not have it both ways.
"Loud Gas Bicycles = Here come the Judge" and Loud gas bikes and fast gas bikes on trails will get the attention you do not want.
Heck I have not been stopped yet. But I am sure I will and when I do there is no way I am gonna get out of a ticket by saying its a Bicycle, especially if it has a loud exhaust and if I was going 35 mph with it. Its just the facts.
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