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Default Re: 2-stroke electric starter??

Originally Posted by ferball View Post
What about a friction drive starter motor of some sort, after the gas engine kicks in, the starter becomes a generator to charge the starting system. Probably as simple and cost effective as we are gonna get for a happy time starter configuration.
It is a promising idea. You're good at thinking out of the box! We never got anywhere with that three speed left hand sprocket cluster deal though, or at least I didn't.

Yes, maybe the bike gets started with the rear wheel off the ground through the friction roller against the tire... and with the electric starting motor going to a battery... and with the gas motor started now the electric motor becomes a generator as you said, replenishing the battery and also giving juice to lights. Sounds like magic. How do you do that? This idea of yours is worth pursuing and could be a game changer.

Just remembering an early days of electric bikes motor I have that had a friction drive roller on it and was actually a Bosch starting motor for a small automobile. It engaged with the front wheel, so would need to be adapted majorly, but the starter motor from a small car has potential. The one I have is not all that big. I'll take a picture of it. What kind of electronics would be necessary to make it act as a generator to recharge the starting battery and provide lighting?
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