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Default 80cc motorized bicycle vs. 80cc scooter - Who will win?

As you can see I have made both my machines clearly visible and have decide to put them in the most grueling head to head no-holds bar super challenge for top bike in my life.. it's evenly matched though you tend not to have the sensation that you're gripping dual jackhammers with the Honda and the Honda also doesn't sound like a suped-up R/C car when it's running- Let's begin!

WHO WILL WIN?!! foul..was trying to start up the 80cc motorized bicycle Moongoose here and the darn chain just fell off-just fell right off and fellas? It was on right, so no posting that one for me, ok?..the master link shot across the parking garage and I'm actually still looking for it's in here somewhere..hmm. Maybe I can get some family members involved down here to see if we can't locate it!

Well I was in the process of just leaning the motorized bike against the wall here and the entire engine just fell off the frame, jeez .. check those bolts guys- at every stop light!!!

So I'm afraid the moped wins the challenge by default- I was actually looking forward to riding my motorized bicycle but I guess you have to stay on top of things!

But you know what my grandpa says--"Why are you doing that for again?" Phfft! Grandpa, Because it's there!

To be continued.. maybe.
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