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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
i think i understand totally what this thread's supposed to be about.

there's a few "companies" that show up on my local craigslist with re-postings almost daily.

they're not enthusiasts, they're businessmen.

they still drill holes in the frames of their cheap chinese bikes for the front motor mount, offer no upgrades, and just build run-of-the-mill bikes at cut-rate prices.

they also blatantly lie about the legality of their bikes, making claims like "no license needed! 100% street legal!" and sometimes cite the laws for electric bikes in their ads, which are minimal, as well as completely different than gas motored bikes.

i've called them on it too, and was told to "mind my own business" as well as being told to go have sex with myself, but it slightly different terms...

one final note, anyone who gets defensive over this thread is probably the exact type of "builder" it was meant for...
I think this is a pretty good thread now that we are starting to get to what it is about.

Or are we? That is the interesting question to me.

I can certainly see someone like my long time local buddy Kramer (Helmut here) being pissed if someone bought one of his Wizzer frames then re-branded it with their own name as if it were their own, or you guys at Design Logic for that matter.

What I guess I still don't get is what is so bad about someone so proud and confident of their builds they put their own name on it with a sticker too.

As far as I am concerned if you are not proud and confident enough in your builds for sale to put your name on it one way or another then you probably shouldn't be building them for sale in the first place.
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