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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

Ha! Ha!

I just had the impulse to 'throw you under the bus' for a small part of what you had wrote, Harry... LoL

Harry said
"And you dont really need criteria to seperate the real builders from the posers. Anyone can tell the difference, anyone that matters that is..... "

I do not think simply 'anyone' can tell the difference... between offerings in an ebay ad when they are out on their first jaunt into MABs with credit card number in hand ! 'anyone that matters' really is the general buying public, don't you think?

'And as a business it needs a brand name.'
Sure, LoL... what's in a name?
Exxon is MY favorite... (the mythical English county that pays no tax). :-)

I have seen quite a few 'value added' offerings, and the photos of builds pictured right here in this thread are obvious examples of MABs that show a definite difference between excellent workmanship in assembly and mods, and that done by someone like me, learning from what I read here, making mods and improvements as I go along.

JS said
"But, whats the deal with people buying a Felt or "whatever" frameset (probably retail), a cheap import motor package, and a couple of other ancillary components (again probably retail). Blowing some paint on the frames & fenders... Then calling themselves a motorbike company?????? "

I dunno why JS chose to pick on the painters out there, or what they wish to call their venture, (big or small), but there's a lot of difference between the workmanship of applying the metal protection on my new kermit frog green frame and that of someone with real talent at painting who does all the proper prepwork and has creative talent in application.

Of course I don't much care for vendors who make a whiz-bang presentation, when all they are doing is hopping on the bandwagon to catch the overflow, and all they do is re-ship cartons that come in one door, out the other. It does seem to me their profit margin is quite high... yet I never got to a point where I was able to achieve volume sales on a national level, let alone global!
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