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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

i think i understand totally what this thread's supposed to be about.

there's a few "companies" that show up on my local craigslist with re-postings almost daily.

they're not enthusiasts, they're businessmen.

they still drill holes in the frames of their cheap chinese bikes for the front motor mount, offer no upgrades, and just build run-of-the-mill bikes at cut-rate prices.

they also blatantly lie about the legality of their bikes, making claims like "no license needed! 100% street legal!" and sometimes cite the laws for electric bikes in their ads, which are minimal, as well as completely different than gas motored bikes.

i've called them on it too, and was told to "mind my own business" as well as being told to go have sex with myself, but it slightly different terms.

there's a hardware store down the street that is now selling complete bikes and i just sold a bike to one of their ex-customers, who had the misfortune of buying a stretch cruiser that used 2 motor mount blocks in the front, wires and zipties everywhere, and the chain cut into the tire, flattening it after 2 days.

luckily, they gave him his $800 back, and then he found me. i built him a bike for the same price, and the guy couldn't be happier. i also swapped out the non-functional CNS carb with an NT i had, as well as tuning it for him after break-in, all for free.

oh, and i included a bottle of Opti-2 as well.

i've had many "customers" who've bought bikes from so-called "dealers" and brought them to me to fix, and i'm surprised by the low-quality of the installs. one of those dealers frequents this forum, usually only to push his products.

i'm seeing more and more bikes on the streets around here, and surprisingly, the majority of those were store bought, and not home-built. and they're all cookie-cutter, standard beach cruisers assembled by people who don't know, don't care, and it shows.

most of these bikes will undoubtably join the others already on craigslist, after the owners get bored with them, break them, or get busted on them, just like go-peds, pocketbikes and every other "fad" that people exploited to make a buck.

it's not just the so-called "dealers" at fault.

as we all know, owning a glorified moped isn't exactly a status symbol, and the people that buy them as toys treat them as such. breaking traffic laws, not wearing helmets, taking exhaust baffles off, and just being an idiot in general doesn't do us any good. it makes us all look like hooligans, and it's pretty obvious why "normal" people don't take us seriously, and why it seems like the cops are out to get us.

i was coming out of a 7-11 in huntington beach the other day on the way home from work and a cop was checking out my bike. he was amazed that i had a license plate, headlight, tailight and mirror, and when i showed him my working brakelight, he was actually smiling. after BS'ing for a few, he told me he wished more people would take these bikes as seriously as me, and he wouldn't have to work so hard.

getting a compliment from a cop about your bike is almost as good as getting some tail because of it.

i'd like to get to the point where i'm making bikes and custom products for them full time, but it seems unlikely, so for now, i'm back to work at a job that would make normal people slit their wrists so i can save some money to give it a shot.

one final note, anyone who gets defensive over this thread is probably the exact type of "builder" it was meant for...
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