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Default Re: Group Bike Builds (Race Team?)

Originally Posted by culvercityclassic View Post
Group Bike Builds

I was thinking it would be fun to start a group for locals that want to build custom bikes for the next Willow Race; we could work on our projects as a group or team and represent ourselves at the race. We could share ideas, options and resources; I have a few guys already for the team that have racing backgrounds.

I am open for feedback on this subject.
I never said that the next SoCal race on Oct 22nd is going to be at
Willow Springs. lol

I like your team build idea.
Your 4 stroke thumper race bike was a huge hit at Willow Springs and
your chain coming off was a real disappointment. It would have been one
**** of a finish in the Unlimited Gas class!

I voted for your flat tracker in the bike show as it
was not only built from scratch it was the most innovative entry
there as well as being one of the best looking bikes of the day.

Your engine is right at the 11 hp limit for the Gas Bike class.
If you up the hp for the next race you will be in a very small and
probably limited track time "UNLIMITED" class.

I want to keep racing fun, affordable and safe and I can't afford
to get the current insurance deal messed up by racing bikes that
are more motorcycles than bicycles.

You and your two boys racing is the demographic for the future of
motorized bicycle racing.
The high hp do anything to win crowd will be in a new trial "UNLIMITED" class,
bikes like AGK's #81 20 hp 4 stroke and liveforphysics #100 eMotorcycle
are the only ones I know about right now.

The #1 rule is that motorized bicycle racing is going to be FUN.
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