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Default Re: Parts that should be replaced before installing the kit

the thread was about parts to be replaced.
i only stated that was one of the pieces that should be replaced.
the only differing opinion i am giving from any one was that my cast aluminium mount broke because it is one of the parts that should be replaced.
if it wasn't to be replaced, why are pictures being posted of mounts that are not stock?

First of all I wouldn't recommend the need for replacing the rear engine mount, just make sure that it is installed correctly. Now the rear engine mount supplied with the kit might not fit the down tube, and if not then something (enlarge or shim, or even modify with few exceptions like a oval down tube) needs to be done to fit correctly. All my rear mounts without exception are stock. There is no need to replace them. I have never heard or seen a rear mount itself malfunction that was mounted correctly.

Now for the front mounts. In a perfect world the front mounts would install as seen in the instructions, but we get mounts that fit, too large, or too small for the bike tube. To top that off VERY FEW bikes come with the correct "V" angle to mount the engine. As I said before a PERFECT angle will be 75 degrees. So all the front mounts that were fabricated were fabricated in order that the engine will be mounted correctly.

AS for the mount itself, I can take the mount, wrap it around a correct size tube and bolt it together, and before the mount gave out the bolts or nuts would malfunction, 100% of the time, yes I said 100% of the time. Heck, don't even need a tube at all, the mounts will not break. One of the mounts had to be installed incorrectly and the shear/torque weight broke the mount. I suspect it was caused be the front mount.

Now I was telling you the reason your rear mount broke to begin with....take it for what its worth. I doesn't take a rocket scientist or a FAA approved shop mechanic to put one of these bikes together. As a FAA approved avionics installer, a pilot and a Air traffic Controller, auto mechanic myself ,leads me to believe your mechanical ability leaves much to be desired to be working around aircraft.

You're like my grandson, and he is 9. He doesn't really understand why he needs a helmet while riding a bike. I tell him one is for safety, and it's the law. But he still doesn't understand or accepts, but does it anyway.

Take it for what its worth...Enough said.... I' done.
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