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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by Wm Holden View Post target specials rear rim couldn't take the motorized did not relieve me of the burden of my teeth...but could have been bad.
It's ok to build a "crappy" motorized bicycle...if you are diligent and are PLANNING..on upgrading MANY parts.
pray you don't need surgery when the cheap parts fail..they's science.
But I WILL SAY...the crappy bike has given me the motorized bicycle bug..and i'm thankful i was able to get in the game for a low cost start up fee....
but i AM spending alot more on quality parts.... rims, bolts, fenders ,kickstands, lights, seats...on and on.....
Several years ago my daughter gave me a Diamondback that she had bought for about $500. Built my first motorized bicycle on that platform, a friction drive and promptly started breaking rear spokes. After that, all bike wheels are replaced with 12 ga. wheels and I haven't had problems since except with my Staton rear wheel that's 14ga. It's a 48 spoke Sun Rhyno Lite double wall rim and it still occasionally breaks spokes. I've been riding with as many as three broken spokes and never even felt it.

My chain drive bike uses a freewheel threaded on the hub, you "Chinese kit" guys, with the rag joint are asking for disaster with 14 ga spokes, on any bike.
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